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报告题目:Math Teaching in Canada -- Some Views

报告人: Dr Ron Richmond


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报告摘要:Prof Richmond explores some of the ways in which the history of Canada (celebrating 150 years this year) shapes the ways in which the curriculum goals are structured, including those relating to Mathematics. As one example he contrasts the meaning of the two English words Education and Training and discusses how the cultural valuing of Education over Training can affect the methodology of teaching Mathematics. Finally, he looks at some of the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and how the result for Canada can be interpreted.

报告人概况:Dr Ron Richmond is a retired Education professor, University of Regina, in Canada. He received his PhD degree in Mathematics Education in 1983 from the University of Alberta and was once Chair of the Elementary Education Department in his university. He has been a junior/senior middle school teacher, principal/headmaster, and a teacher in Africa. Dr Ron was with the University of Regina for 25 years of his career.


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