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报告题目LES and DNS of Fluid/Structure Interaction



主讲人 Professor John Williams



Our work covers a broad range of topics from the entrainment of solids in turbulent flow, flow over submarines and torpedoes, marine current and wind turbines to the numerical simulation of red blood cells and the ureter. We are able to carry out such simulations as a result of combining our CFD code, CgLes, with a discrete finite element code, Y-Code, using techniques developed in our research grants. We actively pursue collaboration with universities both in the UK and abroad to continue our work and to produce joint grant applications.主讲人概况:

John Williams,现为英国Queen Mary University of London, 工程与材料科学学院教授。Williams教授在计算流体动力学方面颇有建树,主要从事自由表面流动的大涡模拟、复合通道中流动模型及粗糙床和海底鳍片流体力学等方面的研究。至今在BiomechanicsPhysics of Fluids , Journal of Fluids EngineeringJournal of Hydro-Environment Research , Journal of Computational Physics, Journal of the Franklin Institute 等国际著名刊物发表论文40余篇,主持或参与多项由英国皇家学会和欧盟资助的科研项目,并受邀对国内多所著名科研院所进行访问并作学术交流。




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