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报告题目Generalized Hypothetical Syllogism in Fuzzy Logic

报告时间20191120(周三) 下午15:00


报告专家Micha? Baczyński教授


There are many reasoning schemas (rules of inferences) in classical logic, like modus (ponendo) ponens, modus (tollendo) tollens, scheme of disjunctive reasoning, law of contraposition, reduction to absurdity, hypothetical syllogism, etc. They are also used in approximate reasoning and/or fuzzy control. In many applications of fuzzy logic, choosing the right operation in a given inference rule is crucial. One of such rules is hypothetical syllogism. In fuzzy logic, generalized hypothetical syllogism can be expressed either as inequality (HS) from T-transitivity, or (GHS) involving Zadeh's compositional rule of inference (CRI). In our talk we consider both generalizations of hypothetical syllogism. In particular, we investigate fuzzy implications satisfying (GHS), which belong to well-known families of fuzzy implications, especially R-implications.


Micha? Baczyński,波兰西里西亚大学教授,主要从事聚合算子、模糊蕴涵、近似推理与函数方程等领域的研究。IEEE计算智能协会(IEEE CIS)、欧洲模糊逻辑与技术学会(EUSFLAT)、国际模糊系统协会(IFSA)、波兰数学学会(PTM)、波兰人工智能协会(PSSI)会员,是国际学术期刊“International Journal of Approximate Reasoning”的区域编辑,也是国际权威期刊 “Fuzzy Sets and Systems”, “Advances in Fuzzy Systems”和“Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications”的编委会成员。


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